Thanks for sharing my TEDx experience

I have been truly honoured to share my Light in the Darkness story for TEDxMandurah 2021. It wasn’t until I was at the stage of memorising my talk that I began to see the parallels between what I was sharing and the writing I do. I’d already discovered that so many of my stories deal with mental health and disability. I’ve written on the topic both in fiction and non-fiction, because it’s something I’m truly passionate about. More and more I’m also speaking on the topic, because it’s something that affects so many lives, both directly and indirectly.

My debut novel, a supernatural thriller featuring a woman who shapeshifts into a giant snake is actually a reflection of my personal experience with Bipolar. It shares the idea of living with a “monster within”, a primal instinctual beast that cannot be controlled or reasoned with and that seems to take over my life and destroy it. Bipolar, is my inner serpent, and Tori’s story is about learning to embrace that inner darkness, to make it part of our lives, to make it something that empowers us rather than destroys us.

The Shadows of Nar series, delves into the challenges of light and doing remarkable things while our body tries to betray us. For me, living with chronic degenerative illness means having to adapt. Sometimes it means pushing through on bad days, or accepting that I can’t do everything I want to do. In City of Light, Niah is dying, over time her terminal illness is taking a greater toll on her body, but she still has to find a way to restore the sun so that her people can escape the domes and reclaim the surface of their homeworld.

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