Presentations & Workshops

Are you looking for a speaker? Rebecca is available to present a number of different talks, workshops, panels, and more. She talks about writing and her books, but Rebecca is also a mental diversity warrior raising awareness about a range of topics including mental health, living with chronic illness, and reading and learning disabilities. Rebecca is passionate about inspiring people to live into the best versions of themselves.

To see a full list of the presentations she currently has prepared, and her speaking rates, download her Presentations & Workshops PDF.

Talking About Mental Health and Neurodiversity

As a neurodiverse creator with lived experience of mental illness, Rebecca loves to raise awareness, empathy, and understanding in communities around the challenges and triumphs of living with mental health conditions and neurodiversity. She also talks about why she feels it’s vital to include these aspects of life in fiction.

Talking About Her Books

Rebecca loves to share her writing journey. From her early days, writing poetry as a child, through years as a freelance writer, and finally a published author. Rebecca talks about the life of a writer and about the books she’s written. She adapts these talks to various audiences because some are more interested in her children’s books and small publishing house while others are keen to hear about her genre books and being an indie author.

Talking To Kids About Story

Did you know even a six-year-old can write a book? Rebecca loves to visit schools, libraries, day care centres, and community groups with her “Kids Can Make Picture Books” presentation, showing children the process of creating a book, from idea to print. What’s more, she introduces children to a six-point story structure that turns their ideas into the foundation for a picture book and inspires them to get creative.

Talking To Writers Of All Ages

From outlining to published, Rebecca coaches and mentors writers of all ability levels and all ages. With her very popular “Plot Storming” workshop Rebecca introduces writers to story structure and character development. But she also teaches writers how to self-edit, how to publish, and how to market their books.

School Visits & Libraries

Schools and Libraries are two of Rebecca’s most favourite places! She has a current Working With Children Card and public liability insurance and is fully qualified to present in schools and libraries and has done so hundreds of times already with high praise. Students find her presentations fun and engaging. Adults find her talks inspiring. She loves to bring joy and creativity to the whole community.

Panels, Keynotes, & Online

Looking for a Keynote speaker or an experienced panel member? Rebecca is available for that too. In fact, you’ll regularly see her on panels at Swancon and Ghengiscon. And, as we devolop an even more global digital community, Rebecca is also available for online presentations. She has a quality audio and video set up and even sometimes can be found live streaming on Twitch.

Appearing with Words – Guest Posts, Quotes, Forwards, & Recommendations

Finally, sometimes Rebecca appears only in words. She’s available for guest posts, quotes, forwards, and willing to consider recommending quality products or content.

Don’t see what you’re after here? Get in touch anyway! Rebecca is more than happy to consider other presentations and appearances. She’d love to discuss what you have in mind. Feel free to contact her directly at