Book Launch: Spirit Talker

Date: 09/10/2021
Time: All Day

Rebecca Laffar-Smith, celebrates the launch of her new book Spirit Talker.

Published by Aulexic and Experience Possibility Publishing, Spirit Talker takes a heart-wrenching look at teen mental health, friendship, and belief. Informed by her own mental health challenges as a teenager, and written to inspire, give hope, and save the lives of teens facing challenges today.

Spirit Talker is more than just a teen story. It’s a lesson in empathy, self-awareness, and advocating for yourself against stigma and labels. It explores themes of depression, grief, insanity, and suicide.

“On the surface, this is about a girl who sees ghosts, however beneath that you find a sympathetic look at real life mental illness struggles, the dangers of not having your voice heard, and the importance of self advocating, whether with medical and mental health professionals, or with your loved ones. The author does a great job of destigmatising mental health treatment while balancing it with self care, self reflection, and personal growth. She captures a widowers optimism, a scared parent’s pain, a child’s loss, and leaves you with the taste of hope on your tongue and you eyes drawn to a bright horizon.” Nici Poland

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By Rebecca Laffar-Smith

Y.A. Science Fiction and Fantasy Author - Escape Reality; Experience Possibility!

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