City of Light

A Genetic Mistake; A Sci Fi Dystopia

Nar has become a dystopian wasteland. The planet hasn’t seen sunlight in two hundred years. Most people escaped into domed cities and the ultra rich hide in virtual reality worlds created by the Lord of Light. They’ve waited generations, believing Captain Bellamy will return with a cure. But the captain is dead, and my DNA isn’t the match it was supposed to be.

My sister and I are the backup plan of a malfunctioning robot. I was supposed to be a perfect copy, a clone, but I’m not.

Something went wrong.

That genetic mistake is killing me.

Our starship, and the droid, believe I can still deliver the cure. We can’t let the Lord of Light and his Stalkers destroy our last chance to give Nar back to it’s people. I’m no hero, no leader, no saviour; but the people of Nar need someone to follow. And I’ll do anything to protect my sister.

I just hope my health lasts long enough to bring her home.

For fans of Stargate Atlantis, Firefly, and Secondborn comes a new Y.A. sci fi dystopia.

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