Rebecca Laffar-Smith - Escape Reality; Experience Possibility.Rebecca Laffar-Smith always yearned to explore the wonders of this world and beyond. She grew up in the magical worlds of wonder and darkness that was 80’s science fiction and fantasy. She devoured stories of knights and castles, angels and ghosts, demons and dragons, aliens, spaceships, and time travel. When she’s not lost in the fictional realities of her favourite authors, she’s writing her own.

Rebecca gave up a successful career writing about the non-fiction world in favour of fantastical creatures and the fanciful things she could create and immortalise in fiction. While she homeschooled her children she wrote dyslexia-friendly picture books and chapter books. Now her autistic children are grown up, she writes young adult novels, offers coaching and mentorship, presents to audiences around the world, and organises events within her writing community. She dreams of someday running a writer’s retreat on the outskirts of Perth and writing her stories in a detached, hexagonal room with dozens of bookshelves and plenty of natural light.

As an internationally-published, award-winning, and bestselling author, Rebecca spins tales inspired by magic and the vastness of potential with characters that explore mental health, neurodiversity, and chronic illness. She’s committed to telling transformative stories that help her readers escape reality and experience possibility. She’d like to invite you to come with her to explore everything the Universe has to offer and beyond!

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