My One Word Book by Mike Ashcraft and Rachel OlsenLast year, I shared my One Word, Reach. And I feel like I did well. I created more opportunities to reach people and I grew my network of friends and connections. I touched hearts and I told stories. I reached people.

But it all got a little over whelming and as the year progressed more and more of what I wanted from my life seemed to slip through my fingers in the unorganised chaos so when I went into 2017 I needed a new word.

Can you think of one single word that could define what you hope to achieve in 2017?

This year, my word is: STREAMLINE

I had been getting pulled in so many directions and had so many responsibilities and burdens on my time that I always felt weighed down. My files were in chaos. My office was a mess. I had no systems or structure so every process seemed to run haphazardly. There were no patterns or routines. It was overwhelming and I often felt like I was on a hamster wheel scrambling like mad to get somewhere but never getting anywhere fast.

In the last few months in particular, with my focus on streamlining, I’ve been finding things that don’t really matter to me and that don’t fill me up are falling away. I’m letting go of a lot that I used to think was so vital and finding myself feeling freer and more contented. In fact, the more I free myself from those trappings the more contented I am with how rich and full my life is.

I have more time for my family and so have seen them really flourishing these past few weeks. I have more time for my health and am making conscious choices about the way I eat and the way I move. And most importantly to me, I’ve begun to really focus on the work that has always been the most important to my heart and that’s creating stories. I’ve finally started really writing again.

What I’ve discovered, is that rather than trying to force the chaos that my life had become into neat, orderly processes and systems that could work flawlessly and automatically like an effective supply chain, I needed to let go, do less, be more, to streamline my life. I needed to narrow my focus, to truly hone in to what matters to me. And, as I continue in 2017 to streamline I’m finding my passion for the things I’m doing now are helping me make them a priority in my life so that things get done and aren’t lost in the chaos.

Speaking of which, it’s time I got more done right now!

So, what could you do to streamline your life a little? And what is your One Word for 2017?