My New 30 Day Challenge Story

Millionaire Success Habits: Chapter Four: Write Your New Story

Find the strengths and abilities that have come from your adversities and evidence the proof of your new story.

Say it out loud for the next 30 days – morning and night.
Share the story with a supportive person in your life.
Ask someone to keep you accountable.

My health is in my control. I can choose to put good nutrition into my body and to be more active. The more I protect and nourish my body the less I suffer from the upheaval of bipolar or the pain of arthritis. Choosing to make alkaline choices, to eliminate acidic foods such as sugars and wheat, and to drink plenty of water makes dramatic improvements to my general health and wellness. Taking supplements helps me fend off illness and restore nutrition so that my body has more energy and reserves. Being more active prevents my joints and muscles from deteriorating and encourages flow of energy. I am in control of my health.

I am skilled and capable. I have years of experience and I get better and better every time I apply my skills. Telling stories is something I excel at and my stories are rich and deep. They have the potential to be transformative to my readers but they can only do that when I get them out into the world. People love and appreciate me, I help them. They call me a light or a star in their life. I lift them up and give them confidence because I have a strong sense of the true beauty and worth of people in the world. All the good things I believe of others is true of myself. I am capable and I can be everything I want to be.

The market is actually flourishing. People love books and stories and we’re living in the most literate society that has ever been. There are fantastic marketing and sales techniques that I can implement to increase my revenue and improve my reach. The way to gain more market is to take action and to work at putting myself and my products out there. We live in an abundant world and people are consuming more and more for entertainment and recreational enrichment. Every single day provides opportunities to increase visibility and to show what I can do and what I’ve written to another potential fan. Marketing is about taking chances, but most importantly, taking action. I am in control of that and by taking control of it I play an active part in continuing to increase the flourishing market potentials.

The people around me constantly show their faith and support in all I do by sharing their trust and their caring. I’m well respected in the community and people reach out to me for advice. I’m sought out as an expert and looked up to by others. People consider me a beacon, light, or star that helps them know the kind of person they want to become and live into it. When I feel isolated or alone it is because I’m creating barriers and it’s in my control to take down those barriers and allow people into my life. When I need help, I should ask for it. People are so confident in me that they might not realise that I could use their help, but would be willing to help if I asked. And when people offer to help I can let go a little to allow them room to step in and accept some of the weight. The people around me respond to how I act and react. I choose to focus on creating connections and bonds. I choose to allow myself to trust others.

The world is an abundant place. Money and resources are always available when I am truly committed to something, and truly want it or need it enough. The universe has always provided when I have asked from the heart. There is a wealth of untapped resources I could turn to for financial boosts in my projects and dreams, from angel investors, to grants, to donations and earnings. And what’s more, because I’m taking control of my flourishing market, I’m finding more and more income coming my way from sales and bookings. I’m more in demand than ever and I’m in control of my time and my confidence so that I can create more products/books which creates cumulative affects on my income streams. The world is an abundant place.

Time is something I can invest as I choose. I choose to focus my time and my effort on telling stories and writing books and on growing myself as a positive and capable human being and business woman. I am in control of my time and I am blessed to have the freedom to spend it however I wish. I have very few demands on my time now and there are hours of every day that are mine to do with as I choose. There are plenty of hours in every day to write and create, to produce. I am in control of how I invest my time and I have as many minutes as anyone else has ever had. I can create success with the time I have by taking action, making the most of every moment, and focusing on giving my time to the things that truly matter to me.

I want the people around me to know that I matter, so it’s important that I lead by example. I need to always drive myself forward by doing the things that matter most to me, that fulfil me, and shine with the radiance of my inner purpose. This means focusing on telling stories that transform and enrich people’s lives. It’s also in continuing to grow and flourish as a creative being, learning new skills and applying what I know so that the light of my creativity can be discovered by others. I have a lot to offer the world. I can be fearless showing the world what I can do, because I deserve my place in it. I make a difference in other people’s lives, and I do that by living into the best version of myself.

Be Empowered: Woman with arms outstretched and sunrise behind her looking like her world is lit up with joy.

By Rebecca Laffar-Smith

Y.A. Science Fiction and Fantasy Author - Escape Reality; Experience Possibility!

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