Cover and Interior Design / Typography

Want your children’s book to look professional and appeal to your target market? It’s not as simple as slapping text on pictures. There’s an art form, technical skill, and aesthetic involved that takes years to learn and master.

Rebecca has honed that skill with not only her own books (writing s Bec J. Smith) but on behalf of other fabulous authors and illustrators for small publishing houses and independent creatives. Specialising in illustrated picture books and children’s chapter books, Rebecca’s expertise in Typography and Layout can raise the standard of your print and digital production so that your book can look at home on any library shelf, in bookstores, and alongside traditionally published children’s books.

Rebecca can also specialises in creating dyslexia-friendly books and can offer advice and support so that your book has the best readability for any reader, young or old.

Front Only Cover Typography $60 / Full Wrap Cover Typography $100
For when you’ve got a great cover image but want your cover to look professional and eye catching with the right font choices, colours, placement, and design.

Interior Print Layout – Picture Book or Chapter Book $750
Is your story polished and ready? Pictures finished and good to go? You need someone with the technical skill to combine the two using top of the line software to create print-ready PDFs. (Includes picture books of up to 42-pages and chapter books up to 10,000 words. Please contact Rebecca if you’d like her to work on a longer book.)

Interior Digital Layout – Reflowable or Fixed $750
Going digital? Get a professional interior with images and text that will look great and has the highest compatibility across digital readers so that it works perfectly on Kindle, Kobo, iBooks, or any reader at all. Rebecca will deliver a high-quality low-file-size ePub file that’s ready to upload to your favourite online vendors.

Interior Print & Digital Layout Services $1250 (save $250!)
Best of both worlds?
Digital and Print, then get them done together and save!

Typography & Layout Design Services