Coaching and Mentorship Programs

Rebecca offers diverse coaching and mentorship programs for novel and children’s book writers ranging in one-on-one sessions to a group mastermind coaching experience. Her personalised care examines your personal situation and the kinds of stories you love to write and helps you define a path forward so that you can maximise your potential and get the most out of your author career.

Developmental Editing $40/30mins or $75/hour or 15c/word
Need help with your story structure or want comprehensive feedback on the readability, flow, pacing, and development of your manuscript? I do individual written feedback for writers to help develop writing skill. I prefer to accept a single page (30 minute) consult on first meeting. This gives you a chance to see my feedback style, but also from the feedback of that first page you’ll usually gain so much insight that you can carry over into an edit of the entire manuscript. Learning from the feedback of that first page and applying it to the whole document will significantly reduce the time required to give feedback for the rest of the book. Similarly, feedback on the beats before you begin writing can lead to a stronger first draft.

One-on-One $40/half or $75/hour
For action planning and problem solving. To tease out story concepts or problem solve story challenges. This one-on-one coaching lets us look specifically at the challenges you’re facing with your project and tackle them in a way that gets you excited and moving forward with your project.

6-Week Gear Shifter – $600
Weekly one-on-one 1-hr sessions
1hr Goal planning and coordination support
Daily “One Thing” Action Plan and Accountability email, SMS, or FB message checkins.
6-Month Retainer – $1500
Twelve “as needed” one-on-one 1-hr sessions
Monthly 1hr goal planning and coordination support
Ongoing email/Facebook support on request
Weekly “One Thing” Action Plan and Accountability.

3-Month Writing Coach – $1000
Weekly one-on-one 30-minute sessions
Monthly one-on-one 1hr sessions
Goal planning and coordination support
Structural story arc assessment based on outline
Crisis: “I’m having a bad day” or “Get me off this ledge” anytime support
3-Month Publishing Coach – $1000
Weekly one-on-one 30-minute sessions
Monthly one-on-one 1hr sessions
Goal planning and coordination support
Next steps, production stages, and launch planning support
Crisis: “How do I do this?” or “Help, I broke something!” anytime support





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