Rebecca Recommends Digital Tools for Writers

Hey there writers! So I get asked a fair bit for advice and tips about tools I use in my writing career and I wanted to create a quick and easy place to share. Just a heads up, some of these are affiliate links because it means you’ll get cool extra features or special offers. […]

One Word To Define 2018 (PRODUCE)

In 2016 my focus was on growing my author/publisher REACH. We grew fast and furious so it became a little overwhelming. That’s why in 2017 I my focus word became STREAMLINE. I spent the year eliminating the things I that didn’t serve my personal vision of the author career I wanted, cutting back on things […]

One Word To Define 2017 (STREAMLINE)

Last year, I shared my One Word, Reach. And I feel like I did well. I created more opportunities to reach people and I grew my network of friends and connections. I touched hearts and I told stories. I reached people. But it all got a little over whelming and as the year progressed more […]

My New 30 Day Challenge Story

Millionaire Success Habits: Chapter Four: Write Your New Story Find the strengths and abilities that have come from your adversities and evidence the proof of your new story. Say it out loud for the next 30 days – morning and night. Share the story with a supportive person in your life. Ask someone to keep […]

One Word To Define 2016 (REACH)

I’m trying to streamline and plan so that I can be more efficient and productive in 2016. Can you think of one single word that could define what you hope to achieve in 2016? For me, the word of 2016 is: REACH. I contemplated alternatives such as ‘produce’, ‘distribute’, ‘grow’, ‘establish’, ‘footing’, and similar. But […]