Making a New Writer Friend… AI

Last night I watched the replay of a Webinar hosted by Joanna Penn (The Creative Penn) and Joseph Michael (Scrivener Coach) about using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in your creative process as a writer. Today, I had an opportunity to put that into practice as I needed to know more about one of my characters. Talk […]

The Idea Waterfall: Where Do Ideas Come From?

I rejoice under a waterfall of ideas. * There is a refreshing cascade that captures my breath in iced chill. It washes dirt and grime from my skin. Goosebumps gather as the heat of an Australian summer washes into the pool beneath me. This is my abundance. This is my Idea Waterfall. I’ve often heard […]

Planner or Pantser – Which Are You? [Quiz]

Most writers have some idea how organized they prefer to be when writing but the techniques of “Seat of the Pants” writers can differ greatly from “Planners”. You might feel more comfortable with a routine and plan in your every day life but find this structure stifling to your creativity when you write. Maybe you […]