Raising Awareness for Mental Health Month 2022

This October, to help raise awareness of youth mental health crisis, I’ll be touring libraries in Western Australia. For a full list of the events, and details to find out more if you’d like to attend any, check out the event calendar. You can also download a PDF-printable copy of the calendar. You Are Not […]

My TEDxMandurah Talk

I’m so honoured to be able to share my talk from TEDxMandurah. This was a live event in March 2021. I’d spent months working on and attempting to memorise my speech. Normally, when I present, I don’t work from a memorised speech. My dyslexia makes memorising very difficult. In fact, there was five whole paragraphs […]

I Was That Girl… Spirit Talker & Me

Today I was writing press releases, one sheets, media info, and news briefs… Sounds completely boring and it’s definitely not one of my favourite things about being an indie author, but it was interesting to have to think about why I wrote Spirit Talker from that third stage perspective. You see, Spirit Talker is the […]

It’s okay to not be okay.

Today is the 9th of September. That makes it officially one month before Spirit Talker‘s release which I deliberately scheduled for World Mental Health Day because it deals in mental health themes and suicide. It also makes it officially R U OK? Day here in Australia. And you know, it got me wondering, am I […]

Exploring Mental Health’s Influence in my Fiction

This year I’ve been on a journey of discovery. I’m discovering the kind of writer I am and the kind of writer I want to be. And I’m really excited by what I’m discovering about myself and about my books. It started late last year when I applied to speak at TedXMandurah. When you apply […]