The Flight of Torque

Something dark and primal slithers within.

Tori Sapera’s normal life ends the day she is kidnapped and offered up as sacrifice to the Sacred Mother. She wants answers, but the snake worshippers’ ritual transforms her. Now, Tori is tormented by a creature within she cannot control. A primal serpent drives every action, every feeling.

Lucas Caelum, detective by day, winged angel by night, doesn’t want his new charge, Tori. He has struggled, helpless, as murder or crisis stole every one of his destined for the past twenty years. Now Tori faces a fate worse than death, but can he save her? Can he save anyone?

Together, Tori and Lucas search for answers, and a cure, but more secrets lurk behind every discovery. Can they resist the cult’s dark purpose, and their forbidden feelings, to uncover the truth?

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