Spirit Talker

Is goodbye ever truly the end?

Since the death of her mother, Sara Brooks has seen things. Things that aren’t really there. Or so she’s been told…

Desperate for a fresh start, Sara’s dad moves her across the country where a new life awaits. Between a new therapist, a new school, new friends and the handsome boy next door, Sara tries to get back to ‘normal’.

But what is ‘normal’ when you’re followed by ghosts?

Nightly visits from a 17th century poet and the haunting melodies of a child guitarist make living an ordinary life complicated.

After Sara’s secret is discovered at a sleepover, she watches in horror as the fragile friendships she’s built fall apart. More isolated than ever before, she starts to wonder if perhaps she’s as crazy as everyone says.

But when the boy she’s falling for is losing the battle against his own inner darkness, Sara can’t sit idly by.

Will she learn to trust herself in time?

Brimming with poignant themes of mental health, friendship and belief, Spirit Talker is the latest heart-warming coming of age tale by YA author, Rebecca Laffar-Smith.


“Spirit Talker is a great, easy to read story which, on the surface, is about a girl who sees ghosts, however scratch beneath that you find a sympathetic look at real life mental illness struggles, the dangers of not having your voice heard, and the importance of self advocating, whether with medical and mental health professionals, or with your loved ones. The author does a great job of destigmatising mental health treatment – both therapeutic and medicinal- while balancing it with self care, self reflection, and personal growth, through characters actions and reactions. She captures a widowers optimism, and scared parent’s pain, and child’s loss, and yet leaves you with the taste of hope on your tongue and your eyes drawn to a bright horizon.” ~ Nici Poland

“This is a crazy beautiful story of coming to terms. Touching on some sensitive subjects in a very open minded way. Heartwarming and hopeful 💖🌻” ~ Jodie Sexton