City of Quartz

Designer Babies, Genetic Perfection; A Sci-Fi Dystopia

My sister is dying and no one on Nar can help us. We know there’s a world out there that can save her but we never imagined the kind of people they have become.

The Sekuran’s have cured their people of all imperfection. Babies are designed, genetically enhanced, perfect. Except for the divergana. On this world, being born different is a death sentence.

Outcast to the dark side of their world, the divergana are fighting back. All we want is access to the Sekuran’s advanced genetic treatment facility, but we might have stumbled into an uprising we’re powerless to avoid.

Is leading the rebellion the only way to save Niah’s life?

For fans of Stargate Atlantis, Firefly, and Secondborn comes a new Y.A. sci fi dystopia.

Coming Soon!

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